The Orchard Collection





What is the Orchard Collection 

All the vegetal material found in many years of research became a collection, which can be visited in the farm of S. Lorenzo di Lerchi, near Città di Castello, in Umbria.

The trees are grown using time-honoured local farming techniques, thus entirely recreating the harmony and enchantment of early country landscapes.

The collection gathers approximately 400 trees – apple, pear, cherry, plum, fig, almond, medlar and quince trees –, including 150 different varieties.

These trees are of different ages and all bear fruit.

Every single variety has been studied and catalogued, with a view to check their potentiality as to their restoration on various levels of production and trade.

Some of them can only be found in this collection and in no other nursery garden, let alone on the fruit market.

This collection has never had productive aims until now: its main focus has rather been preserving valuable vegetal and cultural resources; it gathers and bears witness to an important section of historical, cultural and environmental heritage; it has great potentialities as to educational and experimental purposes; as far as genetics is concerned, the collection could be used as a reservoir, with a view to preserve biodiversity and local production.


The Orchard Collection is open to the public (School, researchers, associations, citizens) by appointment (groups of minimum 10 people are requested).

Small contribution requested for the expenses (a guide is needed for the guided tours) and the Foundation's activities. 



The farm 'Azienda Agricola Archeologia Arborea' realizes plant reproduction for sale. 

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