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the Foundation can only operate counting on the interest and the support of people that believe in our mission.

In order to support the Foundation and its activities for conservation and dissemination, we would like to invite you to consider:

To become a “Founding Member”

We hope you are interested in and we would like to welcome you (the obligation is not forbidding, 1 000 euros or a multiple number as you can see on the Deed of Incorporation).

To become a "Participant Member" by subscribing to the annual member card.

For this year the cost is 75,00 euro for an individual person (250 euro for the legal person such as the companies)

To become a "Participant Tutor" by adopting a tree.

It will bear fruit in your name: what a wonderful wish! You must be careful about your plant. 

In this case we ask you to add minimum 100 euro for the first year to the annual member card cost.

You can offer your donation to support all the activities of the Foundation 




 San Lorenzo di Lerchi - Città di Castello (PG)

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